KMD 700R


Super Hifi Full Range Speaker, Galaxy

Galaxy Super Hi-Fi Full Range Speaker

Super Sound Energy

The purpose of Steel Enclosure exposed for the first time at Seoul Hi-Fi Audio Show in 1999 is to realize zero loss sound energy

KMD is faithful to make no energy loss when the electric signal is converted into the audio signal

Super Sound Orchestral Arrangement

The large number of recording microphone arrangement at the recording sites for converting the audio signal of a sound source of various genres into the electric signal.

KMD desires to express the site where the sound source is occurred by Orchestral Arrangement Technology of Speakers of each range used to convert electrical signalized sound source into the audio signal.(Patent Pending)

Super Universal Sound Origin and Angle

The directional angle of the sound source at the site where the sound source is occurred

KMD has a technology in Universal Revolving making 180 degrees on the front side of speakers in case of playing the sound source. It can make the playback controlled in the way of directional angle.(Patent Pending)

Super Sound Fidelity

Multi-channelized audio recording and playback

Speakers of each range(lower, middle, and upper) used to play the sound source as the audio signal is arranged in the way of not Toll-Boy but horizontality to express the site where the threedimensional sound source is occurred as it is.(Patent Pending)

Super Mechanical Based Encloser Structure

Designing of Speaker Enclosure

KMD Designs the Enclosure by using the 3-dimensional CAD Modeling Technology, assemblies virtually in 3-dimensional CAD system, simulates and applies parts accurately produced by CNC Machining Center, CNC Turning Machine, CAM, and other Computer Aided Manufacturing software. KMD offers the high-quality original sound without audio energy loss as it is through 180 degrees Free Revolving Directional Enclosure, CrossOver Circuits developed by KMD and Divers by SEAS in Norway.